Workshop Cuff 20180325_Studebaker_LD-157.jpg

Workshop Cuff

from 58.00
Bessemer Cuff 20180325_Studebaker_LD-023.jpg

Bessemer Cuff

from 68.00
Studebaker Cuff 20180325_Studebaker_LD-260.jpg

Studebaker Cuff

from 58.00
S13 ID Bracelet 20180825_StudebakerLD-1932.jpg

S13 ID Bracelet

The Braddock Cuff 20180325_Studebaker_LD-188.jpg

The Braddock Cuff

from 68.00
Lodge ID Bracelet 07_09_18_Studebaker_Holiday_Campaign_1242.jpg
sold out

Lodge ID Bracelet

Classic Cuff 20180325_Studebaker_LD-163.jpg

Classic Cuff

from 58.00
Heavyweight Classic Cuff 20180325_Studebaker_LD-178.jpg

Heavyweight Classic Cuff

from 68.00
Fjord Leather Wrap Bracelet 20180825_StudebakerLD-1912.jpg
sold out

Fjord Leather Wrap Bracelet

from 98.00
Hook Bracelet 20180325_Studebaker_LD-199.jpg

Hook Bracelet

from 118.00
Thompson Cuff 20180325_Studebaker_LD-092.jpg

Thompson Cuff

from 68.00
Studebaker Mixed Chain Bracelet 20180715_Holiday-800.jpg

Studebaker Mixed Chain Bracelet

Toggle Bracelet 20180325_Studebaker_LD-084.jpg

Toggle Bracelet

Champion Cuff 20180325_Studebaker_LD-224.jpg

Champion Cuff

from 58.00
Heavyweight Champion Cuff 20180825_StudebakerLD-1939-2.jpg

Heavyweight Champion Cuff

from 68.00
Lodge Cuff 20180325_Studebaker_LD-115.jpg

Lodge Cuff

from 58.00
Heavyweight Lodge Cuff 20180325_Studebaker_LD-254.jpg

Heavyweight Lodge Cuff

from 68.00
Avanti Cuff 20180325_Studebaker_LD-274.jpg

Avanti Cuff

from 58.00
Studebaker Cuff 18k Gold 20180325_Studebaker_LD-312.jpg

Studebaker Cuff 18k Gold

from 3,200.00
Workshop Cuff 18k Gold 20180325_Studebaker_LD-317.jpg

Workshop Cuff 18k Gold

from 3,200.00
Amelia Cuff 20180825_StudebakerLD-1875.jpg

Amelia Cuff

from 68.00
Broad Cuff - 2 inch SM_SpringProduct-404.jpg

Broad Cuff - 2 inch

from 68.00
Broad Cuff - 1 inch 20180325_Studebaker_LD-403.jpg

Broad Cuff - 1 inch

from 58.00