Heavyweight Champion Cuff *New* untitled-7259-11.jpg

Heavyweight Champion Cuff *New*

from 68.00
Lodge Cuff *New* untitled-7277-4.jpg

Lodge Cuff *New*

from 58.00
Thompson Cuff *New* 3Y3A2178-1.jpg

Thompson Cuff *New*

from 58.00
Union Cuff *New* untitled-7376-1.jpg

Union Cuff *New*

Champion Cuff Studebaker-9734-2.jpg

Champion Cuff

from 48.00
Avanti Cuff 3Y3A3773-2.jpg

Avanti Cuff

from 78.00
Studebaker Cuff Studebaker-9640-2.jpg

Studebaker Cuff

from 48.00
Heavyweight Classic Cuff Studebaker-9667-2.jpg

Heavyweight Classic Cuff

from 58.00
Workshop Cuff Studebaker-9684-2.jpg

Workshop Cuff

from 48.00
The Braddock Cuff SM-4102016-039-1.jpg

The Braddock Cuff

from 58.00
Classic Cuff Studebaker-9712-2.jpg

Classic Cuff

from 48.00
Pivot Cuff Studebaker-9618-2.jpg

Pivot Cuff

from 48.00
Little Idiots Kitty Cuff 20140914-3Y3A7413.jpg

Little Idiots Kitty Cuff

from 80.00
Little Idiots Bunny Cuff 20140914-3Y3A7423.jpg

Little Idiots Bunny Cuff

from 80.00
Broad Cuff - 2 inch Studebaker-9812-1.jpg

Broad Cuff - 2 inch

from 68.00
Broad Cuff - 1 inch Studebaker-9803-4.jpg

Broad Cuff - 1 inch

from 58.00
Amelia Cuff Studebaker-9840-2.jpg

Amelia Cuff

from 68.00
Edith Twist Cuff 20140916-3Y3A7900-1.jpg

Edith Twist Cuff

Three Rivet Cuff 20140916-3Y3A7878-2.jpg

Three Rivet Cuff

Studebaker Cuff 18k Gold *New* untitled-7405-2.jpg

Studebaker Cuff 18k Gold *New*

from 3,200.00
Champion Cuff 18k Gold *New* untitled-7409-5.jpg

Champion Cuff 18k Gold *New*

from 3,200.00
Workshop Cuff 18k Gold *New* untitled-7416-8.jpg

Workshop Cuff 18k Gold *New*

from 3,200.00
Studebaker Money Clip *New* SM-4102016-094-9.jpg

Studebaker Money Clip *New*

from 68.00
Workshop Belt Studebaker_2-0791-Edit.jpg

Workshop Belt

from 158.00
Pocket Keyhook 20140916-3Y3A7910-1.jpg

Pocket Keyhook

Champion Keyhook *New* untitled-7397-2.jpg

Champion Keyhook *New*

Classic Ring - 2MM Studebaker-9891-5.jpg

Classic Ring - 2MM

Classic Ring - 3MM Studebaker-9890-4.jpg

Classic Ring - 3MM

Classic Ring - 4MM Studebaker-9887-2.jpg

Classic Ring - 4MM

Classic Ring - 9MM untitled-7400-1.jpg

Classic Ring - 9MM

Classic Cuff Ring 20140914-3Y3A7274.jpg

Classic Cuff Ring

Twisted Tie Bar SM-4102016-106-5.jpg

Twisted Tie Bar

from 40.00
Straight Tie Bar 20140916-3Y3A7951-5.jpg

Straight Tie Bar

from 40.00
Brushed Tie Bar - NEW! Studebaker-9849-2.jpg

Brushed Tie Bar - NEW!

from 40.00
Studebaker Supersoft Tee untitled shoot-1047.jpg

Studebaker Supersoft Tee

20141027-_35A2930.jpg 20141027-_35A2952.jpg
sold out

Silver & Brass Handmade Safety Razor

untitled-1459.jpg 20140914-3Y3A6993.jpg

Brass & Badger Shave Brush

Hand-Forged Mustache Comb Studebaker-9899-2.jpg

Hand-Forged Mustache Comb

Duet Necklace *New* SM-4102016-140-4.jpg

Duet Necklace *New*

Petal Collar Necklace *New* SM-4102016-149-2.jpg

Petal Collar Necklace *New*

NEW! Champion Choker Studebaker_2-0596.jpg

NEW! Champion Choker

from 58.00
Twisted Twin Choker 20140914-3Y3A7076.jpg

Twisted Twin Choker

Chevron Necklace 20140914-3Y3A7043.jpg

Chevron Necklace

Torque Necklace 20140914-3Y3A7088.jpg

Torque Necklace

from 68.00
untitled shoot-0891.jpg 20140914-3Y3A7149.jpg

VU Necklace

Earthwork Earrings *New* SM-4102016-180-2.jpg

Earthwork Earrings *New*

from 78.00
Rhonda Earrings *New* SM-4102016-201-3.jpg

Rhonda Earrings *New*

Classic Stud Earring *New* SM-4102016-214-2.jpg

Classic Stud Earring *New*

from 48.00
Studebaker Hoop Earrings *New* SM-4102016-110-2.jpg

Studebaker Hoop Earrings *New*

from 58.00
18K Gold Classic Band Ring *New* untitled-7423-2.jpg

18K Gold Classic Band Ring *New*

from 398.00
Champion Ring *New* untitled-7433-8.jpg

Champion Ring *New*

from 128.00